Do you want to start stretching more but have no idea where to start?

Well look no further! Introducing our

FREE 3-day Stretch Challenge

Tell me, has this ever happened to you?

You’re in the gym, you see everyone adding more weight to their sets, so you decide to do the same. I mean, you can’t be shown up, right? Or maybe you're in a yoga class, but you push yourself further than your body can handle. You see everyone trying the most difficult variation of a pose, so you decide to do the same.

Then it happens. That first tweak. You muscle through. You finish your workout.

The next day, (or maybe even later that same day), you’re in so much pain. You reach for the ice and anti-inflammatories. Now you’ve set yourself back weeks, possibly even months in your workouts or practice.

So what happened? How can you keep it from happening again? 

We need a stable base to work from and stretching is the #1 thing we can do to prevent injury.

You are made for this challenge if:

You have areas of chronic pain and you're looking to begin a quick, full-body stretch routine.

Or maybe you have a consistent workout routine, but just never find the time to stretch and keep ending up with injuries.

You just want a reminder to get started!

Here's what to expect...

Each day, you'll receive an e-mail letting you know that day's stretch routine is available.
Day 1 starts today! The day you sign up :)
At the end of the 3 days, you have access to all of the days INDEFINITELY! You read that right. Just because this a 3-day challenge, doesn't mean it disappears after the 3 days.
You'll create a login on this platform (Teachable) for free and can refer back to this challenge as often as you need to!

Day 1

Upper Body Stretches

Day 2

Spinal Rotations

Day 3

Lower Body Stretches

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